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The Long Charm of the LawThe Long Charm of the Law

From the moment Howard Fensterman, J.D., heard a lawyer advise his father about a legal issue, he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

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Why Investing in Your Office Space Matters—and How to Finance it the Right WayWhy Investing in Your Office Space Matters—and How to Finance it the Right Way

Whether your business is housed in a public storefront, an office where patients or clients visit for services, or space in a corporate office park seen only by employees, the environment’s appearance and atmosphere matter.

A Lean, Mean, Money-Making DreamA Lean, Mean, Money-Making Dream

Toyota changed the way people approached work on a daily basis, putting the power in employees’ hands. If you’re looking for a strategy to make your team better, faster, stronger, and more engaged than ever before, it’s time to get lean.

New Tax Laws Bear Attention for Fiscal Year 2014New Tax Laws Bear Attention for Fiscal Year 2014

As millions of business owners prepare their taxes for various deadlines throughout the year, it pays to look at key tax changes that have been instituted recently. Be aware of these—and make sure that you (and your accountant) are fully compliant—so you can take advantage of any available benefits or credits.

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Country Club Membership Benefits featuring Jeffrey Mendell

To listen to a podcast about the benefits of country club membership featuring Jeffrey Mendell, Principal with Brynwood Partners LLC, please click the “Play” button.

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Merger Matters

Click here to watch a video podcast about the merger featuring Jack Kopnisky, President and CEO of Sterling National Bank.